Procensol: Assisting Government Agencies in Digital Transformation

Procensol: Assisting Government Agencies in Digital Transformation

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Mervin Chiang, COO, ProcensolMervin Chiang, COO
In a digitally-driven world where digital devices have observed rapid growth in people’s lives, government agencies are still struggling to adopt technology to improve their workflow. As government agencies still abide by the paper-based processes to receive applications for various services and initiatives, citizens’ experience of engaging with government agencies remains quite different from the way they use mobile devices and other technologies for shopping. This scenario prompted Procensol—a UK based organization with offices in Australia as well—to create and adopt a holistic approach to help government organizations transform digitally. “Our team recognizes that being good at implementing software is solely not going to change anything; we thus offer advice to our clients to choose the right software at the right time. We also understand that software alone cannot digitally transform an organization; it’s the leaders, employees, processes, and organizational culture that does it,” states Mervin Chiang, COO of Procensol.

The company is one of the longest standing partners with Appian, and leverages their platform to develop enterprise-grade applications for organizations as per their needs, on the digital devices of their choice within a fraction of time. The company also provides Robotic solutions to aid its clients to transform digitally by leveraging digital workforce strategies.

As an example, to help government agencies make their form filling methods digital, Procensol educates them about the applications and software that it develops using the Appian platform, where citizens can fill the forms digitally.

We recognize that implementing software is solely not going to change anything, so we offer advice to organizations to choose the right software at the right time

“In Appian, we can empower, educate and train businesses to develop the software instead of making their IT team go through the long process of building it from scratch,” says Chiang.

Procensol implements Process Automation and RPA technologies to help government agencies change their manual legacy processes to digital within weeks. The company implemented a high quality and award-winning platform for the Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES), formerly the Environment & Heritage Protection (EHP), using Appian to replace their legacy systems and transform the entire business process. “We digitized various manual application processes for DES allowing them to maintain consistent practices across multiple sections of the department, which were previously operating as isolated divisions. We also automated their risk management strategy along with improving citizen communications,” explains Chiang. With Procensol’s on-time and cost-effective solution, DES was named the winner in the Process Excellence (PEX) Awards in 2016.

On a constant quest to improve the efficiency of its solutions, Procensol aims to incorporate technologies such as AI and robotics into its offerings. Also, being one of the best Appian platform providers in the world, Procensol now envisions becoming the best RPA provider. The company is also looking toward integrating digital technologies such as the Internet of Things within the infrastructure of smart cities to collect data and process them. Moreover, with an extensive client base in the UK and Australian market, Procensol plans to expand its geographical footprints to New Zealand as well.

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Mervin Chiang, COO

Procensol is a global leader in process-centric solutions, focusing on digital transformation, business process management, and technology innovation. Founded in 2008, the company has become a trusted partner and advisor to customers worldwide, from significant enterprise clients to start-ups that are changing the world. Procensol specializes in the delivery of high-performance commercial outcomes using low code applications, harmonizing fragmented data sets to drive consistency, efficiency, and profitability. Procensol’s experts have delivered enterprise application process improvement solutions across some of the biggest global sectors, including successful projects for businesses in the fields of financial services, insurance, higher education, government, retail, media, telecoms, and transport, amongst others