FreeBalance: Smart Governance Solutions for Governments

FreeBalance: Smart Governance Solutions for Governments

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Manuel Pietra, President & CEO, FreeBalanceManuel Pietra, President & CEO
Based out of Washington D.C., FreeBalance is a technological software development company dedicated to providing solutions to governments across the globe that streamline issues related to accounting and expenditure schemas. It also provides platforms that bring smart-tech enabled programs to government organizations and assists them in delivering intelligent administration through superior budget management and citizen engagement. The company follows three principles— accountability, transparency and good governance—to build the only smart management solution powered by and constructed exclusively for governmental operations. FreeBalance deals with the major sectors in the national agency space, namely, the central, regional and local government bodies to provide them with solutions across all their projects.

FreeBalance’s Accountability Suite redefines the word “smart” in government organizations by offering solutions that manage open government, decision-making, planning, procurement, and performance management functions. Governance Resource Planning (GRP) is at the heart of a smart government, and with effective Public Financial Management (PFM) solutions, it provides immaculate governance and decision-making structures through intelligent administration of fiscal requirements. The company’s platforms and solutions automate controls to improve the effectiveness of government performance through a single view of accumulated data. It allows for enhanced engagement with citizens, in turn, public servants can have total transparency and pristine relationships with their residents.

We don’t repurpose enterprise solutions; we build with the government, for the government

Also, the platform provides for prime analytics integration to automate planning, financing, and maintaining of projects.

The products can be easily implemented at government facilities and offer country-specific functionality across FreeBalance’s entire product suite. The solutions can be used out-of-the-box and support the exclusive requirements for each government integration, including localization, configuration and intertwining with other operational systems. Government administration professionals in 23 countries use the software programs that FreeBalance deploys. According to company statistics, The Accountability Suite is used to manage a staggering quarter trillion US dollars worldwide annually.

For any company to go forward and achieve success, its relationships with customers play a crucial role, client referrals can bring more business to organizations thereby elevating their profits. At FreeBalance, the team of developers has client requirements at the center of all that they do, and frequently seek guidance from government administrative specialists by including them during product upgrade plans. A fact that enhances the company’s motto - “We don’t repurpose enterprise solutions; we build with the government, for the government.” To ensure that customers are always ahead, FreeBalance maintains close relationships through the company’s International Steering Committee and the Government of Canada Cluster Group. The partnerships ensure that products and services are always up-to-the-mark in quality standards, and are in line with global government expectations.

Surging ahead, FreeBalance continues to scale new heights and has been immensely successful leveraging solutions dedicated for government procedures and processes. The company hopes to climb the ladder of growth further by pushing governments to be more responsive by providing them with digital transformations that enhance governance and give citizens better standards of living.

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Ottawa, ON

Manuel Pietra, President & CEO

FreeBalance builds the only smart management solution powered by and created exclusively for government with these principles in mind: Accountability, Transparency, Good governance. Customers are at the core of everything they do as they include them in their product development process. FreeBalance does not repurpose enterprise solutions; they build with government, for the government. Working with the government, FreeBalance understands that it is a special privilege that also carries with it a responsibility to uploading the highest standard of ethics. FreeBalance adheres to the most stringent code conduct that informs everything they do