Forcepoint: Redefined Operational Infrastructure Security

Forcepoint: Redefined Operational Infrastructure Security

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Matthew P. Moynahan, CEO, ForcepointMatthew P. Moynahan, CEO
Organizations that consume high volumes of data and subsequently perform value-enticing analytics are steadily growing in the fast-paced modern day world. However, a question being asked by firms, both, in the government and public sectors is on security protocols utilized to protect sensitive information. One such company that has come forward to answer all queries about the safety of consumer data is Forcepoint. A software development and deployment company, Forcepoint leverages best-in-class cybersecurity products that seamlessly integrate with existing system networks at firms. The software solutions offer web security, next-generation firewalls, prevention of data loss, protection of intellectual property, and more. The team at Forcepoint believes the sheer number of people interacting with data and technology will lead to all-time highs in cyber risk activity, and to mitigate these issues the firm deploys adaptive platforms, and provide seamless shielding of attack surfaces.

In the present cyberspace, hackers are getting more tech-savvy, and are deploying the same technology that is being used against them, an issue that has demanded cyber protection experts to research and develop platforms and engines that are unbreakable. Forcepoint deploys security solutions that offer clients extended protection to prevent data loss, advanced malware detection, and makes all management-based data available on a dashboard. A unique feature offered by the company is license mobility across various deployment structures, allowing organizations the freedom to upscale business operations by deploying Forcepoint’s solutions that they have procured across all facilities.

ACE is Forcepoint’s primary cybersecurity solution, and acts as the top layer for all of their solutions

The web security platforms are provided as both on-premise and cloud solutions.

The two products that are at the forefront of programs deployed by Forcepoint are ACE and ThreatSeeker Intelligence. The former is capable of providing real-time protection of web, email data, and mobile security by scoring risks to provide the most effective protection available. The solution also protects against theft of intellectual property by checking inward and outward data-traffic and brings in industry-leading information-aware defenses. ACE is Forcepoint’s primary cybersecurity solution and acts as the top layer for all of their solutions. ThreatSeeker Intelligence allows organizations access to all the core security information across all of Forcepoint’s security products. It ties 900 million endpoints from reliable data sources, and with Forcepoint ACE security defenses, analyzes up to five billion requests daily. This extensive knowledge of security attacks enables ThreatSeeker Intelligence to offer real-time security updates that block advanced threats, malware, and phishing attacks. On the cloud services front, it prohibits the use of unsanctioned applications allowing the utilization of only those deemed as industry-safe.

After winning multiple awards and accolades across various sectors in the online protection realm, Forcepoint remains humble while delivering its solutions to clients. Most recently, the company announced the signing of a five-year blanket purchase agreement with the Federal Bureau of Investigation that will streamline the acquisition and delivery of latest cybersecurity and cross-domain solutions capabilities. Forcepoint’s portfolio will bolster FBI Enterprise and Mission objectives to include increased infrastructure efficiency, adoption of cloud-based cybersecurity, and the ability to plan multi-year cyber sequencing plans.

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Santa Clara, CA

Matthew P. Moynahan, CEO

Forcepoint is the human-centric cybersecurity company that understands behavior and adapts security response and enforcement to risk. The company offers a systems-oriented approach to insider threat detection and analytics, cloud-based user and application protection, next-gen network protection, data security, and systems visibility. The Forcepoint Human Point platform delivers Risk-Adaptive Protection to ensure the trusted use of critical data and systems continuously. The company takes a new approach to cybersecurity never seen before. As technology and users’ needs evolve, they are continually looking to expand their offerings while staying true to their core in protecting the human point